The entrance to the ascent route is from Trans Rarău, a few km from the European road. The ascent begins on a forester, who after a few km becomes very steep, impassable. So almost the entire climb to the ridge is a pushbike. On the ridge the demented landscape overlooking the Bistrița valley and Rarău (see Pietrele Doamnei). The soil is rocky, full of junipers. At the cross you can catch your breath, there will be a descent not exactly easy but with a lot of fun. It starts with juniper, but it’s pretty ok that it was freshly cut (2020). It continues on a fairly wide, rooted and stony path, full of fun. You then reach a cart road, and from here quickly to Trans Rarău. You can continue down on the asphalt, or after a small climb, you can enter the blue lane marking where you can expect a beautiful descent on the Rarăului Mountains. Good luck!


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