Lutu Roșu

This is the most difficult trail in the Ceahlau Mountain. The climb is entirely push and/or carry bike. Starting in Izvorul Muntelui (Neamt County) the trail climbs up to the Dochia Lodge and it’s [...]



The most beautiful trail in the Ceahlau Mountain. The climb starts on a forest road and it’s gentle at the beginning, perfect to get warmed up. It’s followed by a section of push bike [...]



This is a very nice trail, suitable for MTB beginners. About 70% of the ascent can be cycled. It is not difficult even in the section where you have to push the bike. In [...]


Piatra lui Orban

This trail is very close to Bistrita, near Colibita Lake, great for a weekend. Uphill and downhill are the same trail. Uphill we went mostly pushing or carrying the bike. Downhill the trail is [...]



This is a difficult trail both going up and coming down. We started at the Alpina Blazna Lodge, on the route to the former mine. You have to carry the bike for the last [...]


Scaunul Domnului

This is the perfect trail for beginners. You climb on a road for about 10 km, after that you have to push the bike for a short distance and then it’s by bike again. [...]



The trails in Baisoara are built for the enduro championship held here every year. They are well-kept and well-marked. Media: [...]



This is a short and very difficult trail. Invite to join you on a tour here anyone you don’t want to hear from in the future! The first half of climbing is on asphalted [...]