Romania pe bicicletă (Romania by bike) is an NGO born from enthusiasm and the will to put anyone who likes to discover the mountain trails from Romania on two wheels. Our main goal is to document as well as possible the downhill parts of the rides we organize. Here on the site, you can find lots of media materials from photos to videos, GPS tracks and descriptions.

Feeling enthusiastic about our goal ? Send us your tracks, photos, videos and we will publish them.




The entrance to the ascent route is from Trans Rarău, a few km from the European road. The ascent begins on a forester, who after a few km becomes very steep, impassable. So almost [...]


Șaua Strunga

We stopped by car at the intersection of the two valleys in Moieciu de Sus. Then we pedaled for about 4 km on a forest, and then we continued on a path and on [...]


Piatra Mare

We left the cars in Timișul de Jos (hard to find parking in the weekend) and started to climb the red lane marking on the so-called "family road". Climbing is decent, we climbed much [...]


Piatra Singuratică

The trail starts from the mining town of Bălan, pass by the church and then turn right following the blue stripe waymarks. As soon as you leave the forest road, the trail turns quickly [...]


Între Hotare

The starting point is in Moisei (Maramures County), in the direction of the former Laboratory lodge (now closed). The trail is in good condition, although it’s not very used by tourists. There are some [...]


Tamașul Mare

The starting point is Plaiul Foii (Brasov County), from there the climb starts almost immediately, following the yellow stripe marking. We went there in late autumn, so the trail was covered with fallen leaves [...]

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